The key to success when dealing with a cyber incident is speed. After all, downtime equals dollars! Whether it’s a large-scale cyber-attack or some suspicious activity that needs a second set of eyes, the TEEX CRC’s Cyber Incident Response Team can assist you with detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber breaches.


  • Incident analysis – Our team provides analysis and recommendations on how to respond to suspicious activity or signs of a breach.
  • Remediation and recovery – When a breach occurs, our response team engages fully to regain control, remediate problems, and restore functionality.
  • Digital investigations and forensics – While responding, we gather forensic evidence and conduct an investigation to determine what happened and how.
  • Expert guidance – While engaged, our team provides guidance to your leadership team including public information, vendor management, and interfacing with law enforcement and other authorities.
  • Confidentiality – The team maintains strict confidentiality and works discreetly to protect the integrity of your data and reputation.

These capabilities are available to both government and private sector customers in the US and territories. In many cases, the team can begin response remotely in order to get the situation under control as quickly as possible.

The cybersecurity incident response team is a part of the applied cybersecurity program’s other services including cybersecurity assessments, planning, training, and exercises.

Call our 24/7 Cyber Response Hotline at (979) 431-4838

For more information contact:
Andrew Jarrett, Applied Cybersecurity Program Manager
(979) 393-0733
[email protected]

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