About the Center

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The Cyber Readiness Center is part of the Knowledge Engineering Division within the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service. Headquartered in College Station, TX, the Center services the world through technical assistance and training.

Using the Cyber Readiness Cycle of assess, plan, train, and exercise as a model, the center strives to improve the cybersecurity programs of private and public entities. By helping businesses, critical infrastructure, and jurisdictions be better prepared to respond to and recover from a cyber attack or unintentional cyber incident, the overall resiliency of the community is improved.

The Center’s roots began with the cybersecurity courses developed and delivered as part of the DHS/FEMA funded National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center. In response to the private enterprise needing more customized technical assistance, the Knowledge Engineering Center, began offering vulnerability assessments as a service. As demand grew for additional services, the Cyber Readiness Center was formed.

Employing a number of in-house experts with years of cybersecurity, networking, data management, and programming experience, the Center also has a large number of adjuncts that can be utilized for more capacity or unique skillsets. The Cyber Readiness Center is here to assist your organization, no matter the industry, to get ready for the cyber future.

About the Agency

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The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) is an internationally recognized leader in the delivery of emergency response, homeland security, workforce training and exercises, technical assistance, and economic development.

Last year, TEEX served more than 168,000 people from every U.S. state and territory and 81 countries worldwide.

Major TEEX programs include firefighting, EMS, and rescue; infrastructure and safety; law enforcement; economic and workforce development; cybersecurity; product development and evaluation; and homeland security. TEEX delivers comprehensive training through both classroom and hands-on instruction as well as online and blended learning courses.

Outstanding curriculum designers, top-notch instructors, and subject matter experts can tailor training and exercises to meet the needs of a customer and deliver them anywhere in the world.

As a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium and home to the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center, TEEX has been a leader in homeland security training since 1998. A founding member of the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium, TEEX offers cybersecurity training for communities across the nation.

TEEX is also home to the OSHA Training Institute Education Center, headquartered in Mesquite, and the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, serving the Gulf Coast region. The agency sponsors the state’s elite urban search and rescue team, Texas Task Force 1, standing ready to respond at a moment’s notice in times of disaster.